Rhythmic sunbeams & radiant lights

Sam Feldt has become one of the world’s most popular electronic artists through his highly regarded releases, collaborations, remixes, and live performances. His signature sound blends uplifting beats with melodic summer house. He has played on the biggest stages around the globe, including Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Tomorrowland, EDC, among others. The Dutch DJ and producer recently signed with Sony Music and aims to take his career to new heights.

To match Sam Feldt’s rapid rise as an artist and entrepreneur, Sony Music has developed a new creative vision that speaks directly to his ever-growing fan base. The marketing team at Sony Music asked us to develop a dynamic brand identity and flexible design system to create engaging marketing material and motion graphics for his live shows at various venues and festivals.

Our goal was to create a brand identity that captures the same elevating energy as Sam Feldt’s uplifting beats. We used day and night as the inspiration for the visual identity, with energetic and colorful line graphics representing bright and warm rays of the sun and beams of radiant lights during night shows. The logo icon is the sunny focal point of the visuals and can be combined with the logotype and other content in various ways to create a wide range of marketing materials and dynamic motion graphics that will bring Sam Feldt’s live shows to life.

Photography by Emil Pabon

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