Reliving nostalgia with a new, top-notch drum and bass label

Amsterdam based Dj Nymfo, a well known name in the international Drum 'n Bass scene for over 15 years and twice voted ‘Best Dutch Dj’, has established himself amongst the most promising production talents in the industry.

With a versatile and catchy style, his tracks have already won great support across the scene. A true Dj at heart with many years experience under his belt, Nymfo is now embarking on a new adventure to launch his own record label: Love For Low Frequenties (LFLF).

LFLF aims to create a musical family of likeminded individuals, promoting new talents and presenting distinct Drum 'n Bass releases with original artwork. Up next on LFLF’s schedule are five EPs featuring artists discovered by Nymfo in recent years.

With a strong personal connection with the genre that dates back to Nymfo’s early years with the legendary Red Zone nights in the City of Light, TIN has designed an energetic visual identity for the label that quite literally resonates with fast paced high hats, rolling beats and powerful basslines. The visual identity references the colorful nostalgic visual language of old cassette tapes with high contrast bright colors and bold typography. This, and the personal love for low frequencies seems like the perfect fit. TIN will design all custom album artwork to be released on LFLF in the coming months. Let’s roll!

Listen to LFLF's first release 'Kindred Spirits' on Spotify.

First photo: Paul Wijsen
Black & white photo: Mees Borst

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