Adventure by day, party by night

The South Outdoor Festival celebrates all things outdoors. During the 5-day event that takes place every year in the village of Borsh in Albania, they bring together sport, culture, tradition, music, nature, and food. Visitors from all over Europe come together to have fun, compete, and experience what makes Albania’s Riviera so unique and special.

The festival is organized in close collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, with its goal making southern Albania an international tourism destination. With a combination of more than 40 different outdoor activities during the day, and music by night, there’s always something engaging to do for everyone.

With the aim of highlighting the characteristics of the Riviera and the outdoor activities of the festival, we developed various organic shapes visualizing the key elements of nature and the area. The sea, the sky, the sand, and the sun are the stars of the visual identity, emphasizing on what makes this a one-of-a-kind festival.

Created in collaboration with Sacha van den Haak & Artbox

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