Precisely German. Experimentally Dutch.

Founded in 2016, CROSS is a Dutch-German architectural studio with offices in Aachen, Cologne and Amsterdam. During its six years of existence, CROSS developed a working method that successfully resonates with the needs of their clients, employees, and other stakeholders. Our task was to create a distinctive brand identity that aligns with a communication strategy with the right presence, to support the future growth they envision.

Through various work sessions with the founders and interviews with stakeholders, we unraveled their brand core to capture their authenticity and dedicated significant time to determining a new positioning. We researched the target groups, and while the relevance for them from the CROSS brand was clear, the new competitive ‘playing field’ was quite different. How could they find the right place within it?

One of the unique aspects of CROSS that consistently emerged in our research was the mixed Dutch-German DNA. This interesting dynamic set them apart from the competition at all company levels. The benefits of the different characteristics worked as an addition and, more importantly, as a multiplier in their process and work. We emphasized this defining element in the CROSS narrative, copywriting, tone-of-voice and new identity, showcasing the intersection where the different cultures and ways of working unite.

“Embracing our mixed DNA, we consider ourselves visionary pragmatists, thriving in the creative tension between the experimental spirit of Dutch Design and the precision of German Craftsmanship.”

Brand strategy, visual identity & website by TIN
Copywriting by Alex Kuusik
Photography by Kim Krijnen

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